“Eko Damla” and “Damla Plast Union” branded drip irrigation pipes are produced in 2 different quality and diameters which can be used for growing any plant, fruit and vegetable. Our pipes with Union brand have TSE and TSE-ISO-En 9001-2008 certificates.

Pipes with diameters of 16 mm and 20 mm, having 0,9 mm - 1,0 mm and 1,2 mm wall thickness are produced with using labyrinth having double water inlet to minimize clogging possibilities on most appropriate length and depth with 2lt/h, 4lt/h, 8lt/h drippers amounts.

Both economic pipes and Damla Plast Union branded pipes only use drippers which are produced from completely original raw material.

Plain drip irrigation pipes which are produced for general purpose provide various flow rate and flexibility on project designing. They can be projectized by placing drippers at certain intervals.


Drippers formed with labyrinth type are mounted within pipe during production and becomes part of the pipe.

Labyrinth Drippers eliminates friction loss while providing seamless tube drawing.

Two inlet sieves that positioned with 180 degrees against each other, prevents residues caused by chemicals and sediments.

Two dripping holes with 180 degrees minimizes the clogging caused by sand and mineral pieces and seaweed growth.